A Gallery

A gallery with no guards,
open to anyone passing by.

With brightly painted walls
and locked metal doors.

A comfortable space
that lifts the mood.

Content visitors leaving
to only return when dull.

A few catch the slight stench
from the locked doors.

A dead and dark history
Hidden behind the glamour.

The door keys used by none,
for they love the gallery more.

The visitors lessened over time.
As the stench overpowered its grace.

Metamorphosing to a cemetery
cursed by living memories.

Gopika Pramod

A comparison of a gallery to the human heart and how the visitors use the space for its elegance.

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  1. I’m actually enjoying your poetry and that says something because I tend to read lots on wordpress. Thanks for following me recently. I’m glad to meet you, new friend! 💕😊

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