A Feather

Guided by wind, I float afar
A mile away from my carcass
The more I further from tragedy
Blurrier the scene of the crash
The turbulence of the wind
A catalyst to my odyssey

All through my eternity, I flew
Yet never free from the torso
Though unbound from mortality
The storm continues guiding me

Can I ever experience liberty?
Do I have individuality?
Would I fail if left on my own?
In that case, with all honesty
Am I really winning this race?

My thoughts afloat as myself
Listening to my endless rant
Winds loosen up in dismay
I fall freely, like a flip of a coin
If I live, that’s where I need to be
If not, I take up the responsibility
No weight should I be carrying
No guardian should I be needing

Gopika Pramod

Journey of a detached feather from a dead bird wishing to live life on its own terms and be accountable for its actions. 

5 thoughts on “A Feather

  1. Beautiful idea! A feather not weighed down by the parent body , by its karma , by any one’s expectations, trying to wriggle out of all shackles to establish an identity of its own …
    Idea well presented

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