Words shuffle in a closed tunnel
Phrases adjoin to a kaleidoscope
Patterned sequence of dialogues
Projected upon a resolved mind

With every gentle twist of tube
A new pattern displays onscreen
The randomness of events cast
A stimulant till the judgement day

The day unplanned, just as planned
A rigid mindset to an altering system
Well trained yet nervously shivering
Alas, it shatters with an echoing thud

As the shards scattered everywhere
The mind juggles to capture chaos
A paralysis from the abrupt affairs
Buries and curls up like a cocoon
Anticipating jeers from the crowd

Within a boundary framed by words
The panel of judges stand eerily still
Deeply engrossed in their own circle
Just as baffled by their ignored folly

Never was there anyone to impress
Life’s mischievous prank well played
Neither the juror was ever to judge
Nor the performer ever to perform

Gopika Pramod

Sometimes we tire ourselves to be perfect, beating up over the slightest mistakes. But are we really judging others as much as ourselves?

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